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Rice Separators and Graders

  • Thickness Grader
Thickness Grader

Thickness Grader

  • The Thickness Grader is developed for size separation of various grains and beans. During the passage of materials through the revolving cylindrical screens, small grains or beans are discharged through the slots or round holes on the screen and to the outside of the machine, so it can separate broken grains and immatures easily and efficiently.

    Compact in structure, easy in maintenance and short time required for changing screens.

    Through the incorporation of anticlogging devices the screens are kept clean all the time.
  • Product description: grain thickness grader, bean thickness grader, rice thickness grader

Application and features
1. The Thickness Grading Machine is used for sorting out according to the thickness of grains and beans. when the materials are passing through,smaller grains or beans will be discharged through the bar mesh of the sieve, so as to get the broken and immature grains separated efficiently.

2. The thickness Grading Machine is compact in structure, easy in maintenance and quick in replacement of sieve barrels.

3. The Thickness Grading Machine is equipped with a sieve mesh cleaning device to keep the sieve mesh clean all the time.

Technical data

MLHD30 x 6MLHD30 x 8
Capacity5-7.5 ton/hour6.5-9 ton/hour
Machine weight 550kg700kg
Machine dimensions 1860x955x2160mm1860x955x2360mm

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