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Rice Separators and Graders

  • Rice Rotary Grading Sifter
Rice Rotary Grading Sifter

Rice Rotary Grading Sifter

  • Product description: Rice Rotary Grading Sifter, Rice Sifter, Rice Grading Sifter

Application and features

The equipment is mainly to sift rice into four different grades by using different screen.

This Rice Rotary Grading Sifter is mainly used for white rice grading in grain processing. By configuring different sieve plates, the whole rice, general rice, big and small pieces can be separated, so as to achieve the ideal white rice grading.


Its rotation speed and amplitude are adjustable, also has fewer rice breaking rate, small dust,  with stable running performance.

The machine can sift milled rice efficiently, with easy operation and maintenance.

Technical data

(1). Model: MMJX 160 

(2). Capacity: 8-10 ton/hour

(3). Power: 2.2kw

(4). Weight: 1900kg

(5). Dimensions: 2125x3310x2010mm




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