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Rice Separators and Graders

  • Paddy Separator
Paddy Separator

Paddy Separator

  • 1.This Series Husked Rice Separator is compact in structure, large in processing volume, excellent in separator result, easy operation, suitable for processing of various paddy rice and able to sort out both long unpolished rice and short unpolished rice.

    2.A device of shutting-down upon the material running out and starting-up upon the material feeding in is equipped in this machine.
  • Product description: Apex provide paddy separator, china rice separator, china rice mill, husked rice separator.

Application and features
 The features of this series paddy separator include compact design, large capacity, excellent separation performance, easy operation, suitable for processing of all types of mixed paddy and brown rice, designed especially to separate long grain paddy mixed in the long grain brown rice as well as to separate short grain paddy from short grain brown rice.

  An automatic stop device make machine automatically stop as soon as the tank becomes nearly empty and re-work when the material is loaded.

Technical data

MLGZ40 x 20 x 2MLGZ60 x 20 x 2
Capacity6-8 ton/hour7-12 ton/hour
Machine weight 960kg1100kg
Machine dimensions 2250x1900x2240mm2530x2000x2300mm




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